SplashBox - Augmented Reality LCD Display Cases

Digital Merchandising Concepts for Store and Event Use

in-store digital merchandising concepts

Looking to add an exciting showcase to any retail outlet or event booth? These in-store digital merchandising concepts are great for advertising merchandise behind a clear, high quality video screen for showing custom media. The cutting edge electronic cases use augmented reality to create an enhanced experience for customers. These in-store digital merchandising concepts, or LCD screen boxes, have a high impact design that makes them ideal for attracting attention in trade shows. Perfect for businesses like OEMs that need to promote their wares, the innovative platform puts advertisements front and center while also showing the product. SplashBox in-store digital merchandising concepts can give any company a platform to engage onlookers with advertising.

What makes these LCD screen boxes excellent for strategic marketing?
  • The in-store digital merchandising concepts are either 1- or 3-sided acrylic fixtures with a clear, 1280 x 720 video screen on the front. At trade shows, the 3D showcases give passersby an enhanced experience by showing merchandise and artwork. Each electronic window case is lit with LED lights to keep both products and media easy to see.
  • This type of LCD screen box is ideal for any event because their content can be tailored to different settings. Advertising to consumers? Use flashier images to bring in onlookers that presents merchandise as new and innovative. When showing wares to other businesses, OEMs can use more professional media with specifications and statistics for painting the full picture. The included 4GB SD card holds 720p MP4 presentation files.
  • SplashBox video animation example
  • Digital merchandising displays easily grab attention with their dynamic design. While they're great for trade shows, the LCD screen boxes are also perfect for placement in retail stores where they can show new wares with enticing visuals. This is an excellent way to give shoppers a creative buyer journey right next to the actual stock.
  • These SplashBox digital merchandising concepts can feature any item that will fit. For example, retail outlets will show shoes, shampoo, makeup and electronics right where customers can pick one up. With the proper media, businesses can put any sample inside the augmented reality fixtures, even non-perishable food items! While new phones and beauty accessories are among the more popular subjects, OEMs can place specialty and industry-only components that may not be known to everyone, but with included media that assists it.

Electronic showcases like these digital merchandising displays are the future of marketing. With new technologies, OEMs, stores and other companies will be able to exhibit their goods on advanced platforms. Innovation platforms like the SplashBox are ideal for early adopters because it gives them the edge in commerce. Combine a fully customizable augmented reality with real life objects for the perfect selling point.

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