Rolling TV Stand | Strong Aluminum or Steel Frame

TV Stands with Mobile Rolling Design

rolling TV stand

Looking for a television holder that can be carted around an office, home or event venue? This rolling TV stand features caster wheels that make movement from one room to another easy. A mobile monitor fixture can be used in commercial environments to present company performance, upcoming events and other important information to employees. Rolling TV stands are ideal for businesses that want to bring their screen to different locations without having to purchase multiple televisions. This is also true for educational institutions. Schools are often under a tight budget and may require a limited number of displays, making these mobile mounts an excellent option. Each rolling TV stand with up to (5) casters, or portable television holder, is made of sturdy steel or aluminum, making them suitable for withstanding high traffic environments. In addition, they feature an attractive black or silver finish that will blend with any décor.

What additional features can these rolling TV stands come with? Some models feature a shelf that can be used to carry electronics like laptops and tablets, allowing the screen's display source to be close by. This panel can also hold a projector in an office or promotional materials at a trade show. On some units, this shelf can be adjusted for extra convenience. Monitor holders with caster wheels can also come with a camera tray to facilitate video conferencing. This type of TV stand can come with a height adjustable frame, allowing them to accommodate any user's need. Raising the interactive display in a crowded event venue will attract more passersby and increase a company's prominence. Additionally, some units with wheels have an alterable bracket that allows them to tilt for displaying at the optimal viewing angle. Some stands feature a rotating support that allows them to switch between a portrait and landscape orientation. When ordering a TV stand, make sure that its VESA size matches the specifications of the intended monitor. For 1000s of great fixtures with wholesale pricing, browse our catalog on!