These TV Stands Provide a Suitable Work Station

Flat Panel Stand
Up to 84” Tall
For 32” to 84”+ Screens
Portrait or Landscape!
Black & Chrome
LCD Stand
67-3/4" Tall
Portrait or Landscape!
Holds (2) 32" - 60" Televisions
Black Finish
LCD Stand
76" Tall
22" Removable Shelf
Black Finish
On Sale!
Portable Exhibit Booth
11' x 8' Tall
Holds (2) up to 60" TVs
Travel Case
Graphic Not Included
trade show booths
Trade Show Kit w/
Counter, 10' TV Stand,
& (2) Banner Stands
Exhibit Booths
11' x 8' Tall
Holds (2) up to 60" TVs
Travel Case
Includes 8' x 8' Graphic
Trade Show Booth
8' x 10'
Holds (2) up to 50" TVs
Includes 8' x 8' Graphic
Travel Case
Trade Show Display Booth
10ft PopUp Trade Show Booth
High Res 1200 dpi Graphic Mural
With Curved End Caps

7-Day Lead
8' Pop-Up Hi-Res 1200 dpi
Portable Counter
(2) TV Stands
Rolling TV Floor Mount
for 32” to 84”+ Screens
Media Shelf
Camera Shelf
Mobile Monitor Mount
for 32”-84”+ Screens
Media Shelf
Office TV Stand
67” Tall
For 84"+ Screens
Adjustable Bracket Height
Adjustable AV Tray
Boardroom TV Stand
For 84”+ Screens
Adjustable Bracket Height
Camera Shelf & (2) AV Trays
TV Stand with Locking Storage
44”-71 1/2” Tall
For 32”-70” Screens
Height Adjustable
Security Cabinet
TV Stand with Security Cabinet
44"-71-1/2" Tall
For 32"-70" Screens
Portrait or Landscape
Security Cabinet
E-Meeting TV Stand
48"-67-1/2" Tall
For 37”-84”+ Screens
Camera Tray & AV Shelf
Side by Side Dual TV Stand
48"-67-1/2" Tall
For 37”-60” Screens
Camera Tray & AV Shelf
TV Stand with Locking Cabinet
For 37”-65” Screens
Portrait or Landscape
Enclosed Locking Storage
Travel Case Included
Universal Plasma TV Stand
62.75” Tall
For 32” to 62”Screens
Digital Accessories Tray
(4) Heavy Duty Locking Wheels
Universal Pedestal TV Stand
71” Tall
For 37”-65” Screens
(2) Media Shelves
Universal LCD TV Stand
44”-61" Tall
For 32”-65” Screens
(1) Media Shelf
video conference stand
41" to 83-7/8" Tall
For Up To 65" Screens
Portrait or Landscape!
Camera Shelf & AV Tray
lcd stands
48" to 68" Tall
For 32" to 65" Screen
Portrait or Landscape!

These flat panel TV stands with mounts are the ultimate two-for-one offer, blending television and work areas in one great display. What makes these work stations? These TV stands, also known as television mounts, include some sort of shelving for users to complete projects upon. They are some of the most unique options presently accessible online. brings you inexpensive TV stands for wide screens. All of them are both rugged and fashionable, with a design that is modern, but will not distract from the content on screen. These TV stands offer several types of shelving to fit the precise needs of each user. The shelves range in size and material for numerous uses. These TV stands are crafted for work places, but are elegant enough to fit in a myriad of locations.

Mobile TV Stands How versatile are these television racks? Who uses these flat panel work stations? Mobile TV Stand The most basic type of work station plasma racks are the adjustable monitor pedestals. These adaptable monitor stands can accommodate a flat panel television screen between 32" and 60" wide weighing less than 110 pounds. Plasma racks can be displayed in both landscape and portrait orientations depending on the showcase. Extra arm extenders attach to the mounting brackets to make this possible. These plasma flat screen stands come in the user's choice of either black or silver polished metal exterior. Four locking wheels attached to the base make it easy to maneuver these displays from one area to another. The height of these models adjusts to oblige the eye lines of any user. They reach 81" tall at maximum height. There are eight dissimilar preset positions for holding your Vizio, Toshiba, NEC, or other wide screen television. Besides, the bracket tilts 15 degrees up and down. However, the most interesting feature on this work station rack is the shelving. These plasma models are accessible with no shelving, a 19" x 16" shelf, or a 27" x 25" shelf. The shelves are capable of rotating to adapt to precise seating positions and have a clip for holding wires. Use these shelves to hold media players, support laptops, or work from. The options are limitless with these TV brackets.

Wooden counter work station flat screen racks are a great choice for a slew of dissimilar locations. These long, kidney bean shaped counters make for a versatile desk space. Trade show booth operators can set up a line of objects right beneath the flat panel television screen. Those who are promoting events may want to spread out brochures and other advertising paraphernalia across the shelf space. Schools can introduce this unit into the classroom for multimedia lessons. The counter doubles as the ideal desk for students to use in taking notes. The rest of the model is constructed with a sleek silver polished metal. The modern look of the stand adds visual interest without detracting from the images on screen. Customers can choose to buy the 24" wide or 53" wide workstations. Both are approximately 75" tall and support televisions between 32" and 42" wide. The only difference between the two is that the wider style has placement options for the counter. Users can choose to put the shelf to the left or right of the screen, while the 24" work station shelf maintains a position directly in front of the monitor. Optional tilting bracket and wheels make these flat screen racks much more versatile. Many of the accessories offered on this site fit on these models. Merchandise such as the laptop holder attaches to the base of this style of rack.

Flat Panel TV Stand The final option for a workspace plasma stand is the portable trade show models. As the name implies, these large TV displays are made for those presenting and working within highly trafficked areas. These models include two knockdown truss pedestals with wooden counters attached. Be sure to read the instructions before assembling this model. Many trade show booth operators place their media players on the counter space. In addition to the great work space there are a couple of other unique features. The racks can adjust the height of the screen with ease. These portable work spaces have an 8' x 8' space for showing vinyl posters. The poster attaches to the frame with eleven 2" x 2" Velcro squares. These posters can feature customized logos, taglines, or other graphics that will attract customers. is able to apply these unique images to the poster for an extra fee. These portable work areas include a black carrying case for convenient traveling. The case has wheels on the bottom and a handle for pulling it across the floor. There is a wooden panel included with the case that can act as an extra counter. This panel fits right on top of the case and transforms the case into a podium for greeting customers and further promoting merchandise. These discount flat screen television brackets are the optimal way to get your point across.

Our online warehouse is based in Bristol, R.I. It offers more than just plasma work stations. has residential flat panel pedestals, flat screen monitor racks, and colloquium room flat screen television brackets for sale. Buy television accessories from us too! Our catalog includes stands with both silver and black polished metal exteriors. There are flat panel brackets for mounting to the wall or hanging from the ceiling. These models have a plethora of dissimilar features such as tilting, articulating, and rotating. Almost all of the depicted collection is maintained in our warehouse inventory. It is because of this that our site can include an inventory counter on each product page. Simply check the number in the right-hand column to see exactly how many are accessible right now. A leader in all things television display related, is always updating and expanding its catalog. Check back often to see all the new and innovative models added. If queries arise regarding any one of these items, please contact one of our live client service experts. Just call 1-800-572-2194 or live chat with one of them Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. There is same-day shipping accessible for any in-stock display ordered before 1:00 p.m.!