These TV Stands Support Medium-Large Flat Panel Monitors (32" to 42")

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Stands with Literature Trays


TV StandsLarge retail stores, hotel lobbies and other busy commercial venues closely monitor client traffic, especially near top revenue-generating products or services. These mobile TV stands for flat screens can highlight a featured product or run an informational video clip about an upcoming sales event. Flickering images on a flat screen are guaranteed to draw customers toward that section of the store. Slim profiles, compact footprints and wheeled bases make these cheap TV stands easy to maneuver through aisles during relocation. Office suites and trade shows use large flat panel monitors as well. offers five types of large plasma stands for flat screens. There are colloquium room models, basic stands, stands with shelves, stands with banner or poster graphics, and stands with literature holders. Click the images on this page to see the variations and features of each plasma rack.

Company office suites use large television stands with mounts in their colloquium rooms, whether for webinars, webcasts, videoconferencing, product training, or team presentations. The TV bracket, such as a cabinet-mounted style, has a height-adjustable pillar and camera shelf. It fits the mobile office cabinets you see in the images. Mobile TV mounts not only hold the flat panel monitor, but are also rugged, stylish office furniture. These monitor holders can go from one space to another as needed. Use the secure storage space in the mobile TV stand cabinet to lock up DVDs, electronics and presentational handouts in expand of a meeting, prototype demonstration, or training class.

TV Stands For a sleek, longstanding stand, our basic models give you solid choices. What do basic flat screen TV racks include? They're all built for use in hotel lobbies, showroom and trade show floors, and store entrances. All of these plasma monitor stands with mounts have a wide base, a tilting option for the bracket, and a hollow pillar for concealing TV cords. The wide base, which may be oval-shaped or a locking-wheel rectangular style, keeps the unit upright in busy crowds. The tilt option accessible with these flat panel stands for flat screens allows you to adjust the monitor's display angle for perfect viewing. The hollow pillar uses plastic strips that hide flat screen TV cords along the back of the stand while keeping them obtainable.

The plasma stands with shelves offer configurations built to free up your advertising staff for presentations or face time with prospective customers. All of these models keep your sales venue orderly in busy, crowded locations. Most of these flat panel TV mounts have locking wheels, and they all have a wide base to keep them upright in crowds. Staff can keep a laptop or DVD player, product samples, or advertising literature easily obtainable. Our TV stand, high-visibility television bracket is height-adjustable to 7' with a dual-orientation mount for holding your monitor in portrait or landscape. If work space is needed, see the model with its own countertop. One flat panel television stand features a literature holder along with the shelf. If your company wants to display its custom graphics on the unit, choose the shelf style with banners, onto which we custom print your artwork. The flat screen television pedestal is optimal for colloquium rooms, featuring not only a shelf for the laptop or DVD player, but also a height-adjustable bracket, camera mount, and wheeled base.

TV Stands If your company distributes print literature describing products, cross-selling products or services, depicting your company's workplace or summarizing company history, take a look at the literature holder model for a flat screen. These plasma monitor stands feature holders for your glossy brochures, article reprints, and magazines, They're attached to the front of the plasma television bracket for easy access by your prospective customers.

The plasma TV mounts with graphics keep customary banners and posters central to your advertising strategy! A still photograph increases brand awareness and draws customers to your sales venue from across large rooms. These plasma TV mounts provide details about upcoming promotions or events, in a medium that customers can stop and read. Our company can print your artwork on banners. Your local print shop can produce custom posters to fit the poster frames on our television stands.

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