Conference TV Stand | Tempered Glass Shelving

TV Stand for Video Conferences and Presentations

conference TV stand

Need a way to make teleconferencing easy? This conference TV stand can hold a monitor, a camera and other electronics for a number of applications. Each mount is made of strong metal, MDF or wood and can feature clear tempered glass shelving. A conference TV stand, or videoconferencing screen holder, can come in a neutral black, white or mahogany finish that will match any interior. Their design is modern, but will not distract from the content on the display. This type of TV stand can be used in a classroom, an office boardroom or even in a home's living room. Made for both residential and professional use, these fixtures come with a variety of features.

How versatile are these videoconferencing displays?

  • All of the conference TV stands in this category can adjust in some fashion. Some can extend the screen upwards or downwards while others can tilt 15 degrees or rotate to display flat panels horizontally or vertically.
  • Some models feature a portable design. This type of pedestal can fold and comes with a carrying case, allowing them to be brought to other boardrooms or to events like trade shows.
  • Each TV stand for residential and professional environments features a different shelving setup. These include shelves with a rectangle, half circle or trapezoid shape, made of metal, MDF or tempered glass. This shelving can rotate, move from one area to another, and much more.

This type of home and office flat screen mounts features more adjustability functions. These TV stands can accommodate a monitor measuring between 20" and 84"+ wide, depending on the model. They also have a weight limit that varies from unit to unit. Some plasma racks can be displayed in both landscape and portrait orientations allowing them to create interesting digital signage. Videoconferencing mounts can also come with four locking wheels attached to the base make them easy to maneuver them from one area to another. In addition, some models feature a height adjustable design for extra visibility.

Who can use these flat panel workstations?

  • In office buildings, managers can place one of these fixtures in a boardroom for presenting at meetings, or they can be placed in break rooms or lobbies for showcasing public information.
  • Doctors, nurses, and hospital technicians often utilize these showcases at work. The television is great for analyzing test results and can hook up EKG machines. A tempered glass shelf space offers an area for them to keep track of the onscreen information.
  • Schools and libraries use these fixtures as multimedia centers. Students and patrons follow onscreen images while using the desk space in front of them.
  • Trade show booth operators use these racks to attract customers to their kiosk. They can spread out objects, provide supplemental advertisements, or let customers interact with the screen while standing at a desk. Their countertop is also a great place for laptops, media players, and other accessories.
  • Stands with a mahogany finish are ideal for use in homes. Their attractive design goes with any residential environment and includes a lower cabinet for storing DVD and Blu-Ray players, video game consoles and physical media. With their included camera shelf, they can also be used for videoconferencing with relatives or associates from the home.

Some stands with a metal or glass shelving come with a storage cabinet for storing supplies. These can feature a locking function for extra security. Each holder for residential or commercial locations is made for a variety of uses and can last for years. Their strong steel or MDF fabrication can withstand high traffic environments, making them excellent for event use. For wholesale pricing, buy online from!